High Quality Textures:

- gt_hq_textile

- gt_hq_metal

- gt_hq_wood

- gt_hq_stone

- gt_hq_misc

- gt_hq_sky

- gt_hq_money

The textures is used to put on 3D models, to make them more realistic and detailed. Here are a couple of samples from this collection:


These texture files are a couple of mb each, and are therefore hosted with a different host to spare some mb. If you are not familiar with downloading files from rapidshare, and are having problems, we refer you to our rapidshare downloading tutorial here.

Password for the files can be obtained at the forum, by sending the admins a private message, when 5 posts, and thereby "Member" status, has been reached. The PM title should be "High Quality Textures password" if you want the fastest reply.



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